Computer Vision, Data Science, and Software Engineering Services

Image and Video Processing - Machine Learning - Artifical Intelligence

C++ - OpenCV - Win32/Linux - MATLAB - Scientific Python

Systems Engineering - Agile Software - Test Driven Development

Algorithm Analysis and Design

Algorithms based on machine learning and artificial intelligence have many applications. Whether for military, industrial, commercial, or agricultural applications we can help you design the entire system or prototype key technical components. Services include system and algorithm design, validation and testing, and rapid prototyping. We are well versed in the state-of-the-art in machine learning, computer vision, and deep learning.

Engineered Software

Turn your proof-of-concept into a real-time, production-ready implementation. Experts in software engineering, we have engineered robust, real-time, flexible software systems from the ground up. We are proficient in C++, C, Python, Unix/Linux, Win32, Git, CMake, and Node/HTML/CSS/JavaScript. Capable of becoming immediately productive in almost any development environment.

Be Agile

Software development works best when it is done collaboratively. We practice agile development practices with a focus on delivering working software incrementally. We can also advise on best practices in software development that are tailored to your business and to your staff. We can deploy methodologies and supporting tools that improve developer efficiency, product quality, and establish predictable timelines. We can work within your existing workflow and improve practices in a gradual, non-disruptive manner. We can keep the team moving forward so that project goals are achieved on-time. Some tools we have used include Docker, Vagrant, GitLab CI, and Atlassian products.